An open community, connecting a pack of freelancers employing their creativity , modern digital ingenuity & skills focused to cater to your requirements and needs whether with your startup needs a boost of power, your established company Is hungry for new opportunities Or if you are an out of the box pioneer seeking a career, ZTP is your park to speak out your thoughts and translate your dreams into reality .


ZTP is a Hub connecting the heart of Bekaa to the world guiding its young generation to Aim and find a domain where their hard work falls into the right track from Zahle to the world.
Throughout history, Zahle has been a “ Brain Power Reservoir “ to Lebanon, neighboring countries and the world.

ZTP provides his Benefactors with access to this reservoir, creating a balance of profit for companies who can :
1- Outsource Freelancers
2- Diversify their workforce culture
3- Save money

And at the same time :
1- Create opportunities for the local community
2- Create Profit for freelancers and add to their expertise and portfolio
3- Exposing their work internationally

All this in a safe environment where ZTP insures, monitors and handles safe payments and the rights of both parties.